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Here’s How It Will Go Down

5 years from now…

…in the middle of a hostage crisis…

…during heated trade negotiations…

…at the brink of global war…

…there will be a critical member of the US delegation – we’ll call him Chuck. Chuck is an ex-Marine and will have been a civil servant for nearly 20 years, working his way up thru various positions as a trusted and capable man.

Chuck will get a phone call. It will list as being from someone he hasn’t talked to for over 20 years, a very old friend. He will answer the phone, and on the other line will be a man’s voice, speaking perfect, unaccented English.

“Chuck, we know about the thing you used to do. We know that you told your wife, and that you went to couples therapy about it. But we also know that you never told your children, you never told your parents, and you never told the foursome – all of you Marines – you play golf with every Tuesday. If you don’t want them to know then we need you to do something for us. It’s not a bad thing – we know you’re considering it as an option in your internal discussions. All we want is for you to choose a specific, entirely reasonable option. We will never call you again to ask you to do anything, and no matter what you will never hear from us directly again. We just need this one thing. We just need you to…”

…order your SEAL team to kill the terrorists instead of question them.

…change the wording of section 7.c. from “shall” to “may“.

…tell the President you think the Russians should be given the territory they’ve gained so far.

There are over 4 million Chuck’s working for the US now. They are great employees, fine citizens and honorable men and women. Many of them have secrets that were previously only known by trusted employees of the US government.

Somebody else somewhere else now knows ALL of these secrets. They now have the power to do this thousands or even millions of times.

OPM Hack