Computers and Internet

We said 1 Gb? We meant 1.5 Mb…

Last summer CenturyLink announced that my  Beacon Hill neighborhood will have 1 Gb Ethernet service. Beacon Hill was considered to be particularly important. 

I just tried to sign up for service, and the best (and ONLY) service level available is “up to 1.5 Mbps”. Other places in the world with this kind of service include, uhm. NOWHERE. 

Centurylink don’t even admit in their online speed comparison that this service level exists: 

I talked to their new accounts department and they confirmed that 1.5 Mbps is all that’s available and they weren’t able to give me any  idea of when they’d offer something better. 

You got the PR, Centurylink. How about following thru? 


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