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Modern Heirlooms

Son: what’s this, pops?

Father: you’ve been looking at the family moments, I see. 

Son: yep – what’s this? Is it jewelry? It doesn’t seem to do anything… 

Father: your grandpa gave that to me when I closed my first big sale! It’s an Apple Watch. 

Son: Apple? 

Father: they were a famous company back in the day! Made all sorts of stuff – cars, houses, airplanes… 

Son: so how do I turn this “watch” on? 

Father: you don’t, unfortunately. They had a very slow leak in the firmware garbage collector and when it finally wiped out the memspace, Apple had cancelled support for it

Son: but can’t you just hack it? 

Father: Apple didn’t publish their firmware interfaces… 

Son: what? Seriously? Isn’t that against the law?!? 

Father: well it is *now*, but that was a different age… 

Son: why don’t you sell it? 

Father: it’s only worth a little bit. Now that the oceans catalyst mining is up and running, we’re practically swimming in gold. 

Son: so Grandpa was a sucker? 

Father: it was just a different age, son. Now go reboot your brother, it’s time for school. 


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