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She was in prison – a dungeon almost unfathomably bad by your standards – 3 times. Each time was for speaking up, protesting war & practicing a religion that was at best frowned upon by an extremely oppressive government that was deeply enmeshed with the established church. He was a shoemaker, the son of a shoemaker, who was the son of a rural peasant who spelled his last name differently the few times he ever wrote it down.

Together they lived in a disease-ridden slum next door to huge pits of unmarked graves. This, they knew, was the ultimate future they could look forward to. But it was better than where they had lived before – a small town in the countryside they left to escape the severe religious and social persecution they were facing. A place where an errant blasphemy could lead to the misery of having your “tongue bored throug with a hot iron” or even death.

This society was not forgiving of the different.

At some point, huddled together at the kitchen table, they decided they’d had enough. There was no room for them in this terrible country. This was no place to raise a family. The best their children could hope for would be more of exactly the same. Most of their children would die before adulthood and if they were extremely lucky those that lived would be shoemakers or wives. When they died? Perhaps they’d get a headstone. Perhaps not.

You can’t escape fate by staying put.

So they left. They got on a ship with what little they had and departed for a new beginning. They were refugees, fleeing oppression and religious persecution, casting their lot into an unknown that simply had to better than what they had known so far.

Together they went to America. A few generations after arriving, a grandson grew up to not be a shoemaker, nor a rural peasant: he became the president of a national bank. A few generations after that another family son created this blog.

Who do we think we are trying to keep out of this wonderful country?


15 thoughts on “NIMBY

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  2. My NYC surrogate grandmother told me how at 9, 11, 13 she escaped the Gestapo’s round up and somehow made their way to America, while her parents went in the opposite direction to a concentration camp. And nowadays some of us want to round up children at the boarder and keep them separated from their parents who somehow made it here.

  3. JB says:

    People who leach off of the work of others while contributing very little is who we should be keeping out.. Want to pay your way and get in legally? Welcome, please come. Want to take advantage of our Country’s social programs and sponge off of those who work and pay their taxes while you hoard your untaxed wages and send them back home? No thanks, you can stay wherever you are.

      • BillyO says:

        Sounds good. All for it. I look forward to your posting on how we must all pay more taxes and everyone in the high tech sector should be paying more social security taxes that is not capped at the annual limit of ~ $110K ?

      • I paid nearly $100K a year in federal taxes in 2013. While I’d love to pay less, I’m always willing to consider paying more for good results. I voted to raise my own taxes here in WA state 6 times in a row. What did you pay?

        I guess I’m not sure I’m following what you are saying. Why must we raise taxes? How about we listen to the Army and stop buying tanks from BAE (they don’t want more of them) and then spend that money on something else?

        Young immigrants with nothing but pluck and determination are what made America AMERICA.

  4. BillyO says:

    I paid my share. Probably $50K, but I am in operations and not a PhD computer scientist. Social security, welfare and health care is what is what needs more tax money to pay for it. If we stop buying tanks and F35 planes, does that provide enough extra money for all the immigrants to stay in the country that come in every day?

    • What do you think is the opportunity cost in turning away kids who might create the next FB? Or cure cancer?

      Immigrants are what has made us great. You and I wouldn’t be in America if it wasn’t for immigration and I guarantee that somewhere in both our pasts the govt helped our families along.

    • Don’t get me started on H1-Bs. I’ve had multiple instances where the only people qualified to do a job (eg crypto) were overseas and we had to wait for nearly a year until the quota opened up again.

      And because the US is under spending on education we can expect that to get worse, not better.

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