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Cory on the Truecrypt meltdown

“Truecrypt’s own warning suggests that users try Bitlocker, the proprietary Microsoft full-disk encryption tool that relies on the on-board Trusted Computing Module to attain a high degree of security. Microsoft itself has a deservedly poor reputation for standing up to government demands to weaken its products’ security, but Peter Biddle, one of the architects of Trusted Computing and Bitlocker, has previously told me that he was repeatedly approached by frustrated federal agents who couldn’t decrypt Bitlocker partitions, and I believe him, based on my personal knowledge of his character and work.” 

Thanks Cory! 


One thought on “Cory on the Truecrypt meltdown

  1. I was wondering what your take on the while TrueCrypt thing was. It was very cool to see Cory name check you in his post. Would still love a post from you on the matter. Conspiracy theories ahoy!

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