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Picnic on the Space Needle

I’m heading to Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) later today and I’ll be there at various times throughout the w’end. In celebration of this event I’m making up the first ever ECCC Totally Bogus Theoretical (not)Death Match.


Team Number One: Tom Douglas & The Incredibles


Team Number Two: Teen Titans & Nathan Myhrvold


Game: Picnic on the Space Needle – each team must cook a meal in the Space Needle restaurant and then serve it to 4 tables situated on the observation deck. Diners consist of Emerald City Comic Con attendees who will be teleported to their seats randomly.


  • Meals must consist of any four of the dishes in the first ten dishes listed here on Buzzfeed
  • Ingredients are not supplied however each team has a budget of $1000
  • direct interference between teams is NOT allowed
  • environmental interference IS allowed – eg teams can disable the elevators, cut the power, make it rain or snow on the other team, etc.
  • any fatality results in a forfeit by the other side
  • physics and laws of nature are a combination of both universes, any absolute contradictions eliminate both factors
  • ties are broken by rock paper scissors between the chefs (fatality rule still applies)
  • winning = dinner served successfully first to all diners

So – who’s gonna win?


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