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Peter’s Version of the Internet

I was part of a panel moderated by the excellent Heidi Wachs @hlwachs at the Pii2013 conference in Seattle. The subject was “Building Trust in the Cloud” and it was fun. We covered a bunch of ground.

At the very end we talked about the Experiential Skewing (I think maybe I just made that term up?) engendered by ad-funded big data and I riffed on how I would like to radically increase the number of personal-data fuelled “events” in users lives while radically decreasing the ratio of the events that are tied to an ad or offer over things that aren’t. For example: 

Make me HAPPY first. Make me better. Educate me. Don’t just give me a frozen yogurt coupon – send me around the corner to that awesome place that you think (based on my data) that I probably want to visit that is free and has no offers at all.

Heidi closed with this: “Peter’s version of the internet sounds like a very beautiful place to live and it would be wonderful if we could figure out a way to get there.” This is one of the nicer things I could dream up someone saying.

Thanks Heidi!



One thought on “Peter’s Version of the Internet

  1. In the same way Ward Cunningham came up with the notion of turing error 404 into a button to extended the internet, inventing the wiki. I have a hunch frozen yogurt coupons are about to get some “Experiential Skewing”. Wouldn’t it be cool shifting the privacy controls to the personal data store, on our personal clouds, then the ad-clouds follow our intention. Because actually, I’m happy finding a good book, thaen I might be in the for mood a chocolate ice cream coupon. Check out @camlistore and the community behind it, might be fun to host Brad Fitz’s Camli for small enterprises (or really huge) and see what serendipity brings about.

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