Computers and Internet

Moving Right Along

It’s been about 8 years since I started yammering about the coming 3D printing revolution and it’s intersection with DarkNet digital distribution.

I referred to it as “the Darknet and the future of gun control” and I started a follow-on paper to our original Darknet paper about it, but I never finished it. (In 2006 I was still on the Windows Vista Trail of Tears and that didn’t leave much room for writing papers.)

Guess what? I think I’m done. With an all-metal 3D printed 1911 pistol based on open-sourced 3D models I think we can all agree you are now officially in this part of my future. Not done yammering about the future, mind you. Done with yammering about this.

Welcome aboard the highly disintermediated, there’s-no-stopping-it future.

all-metal 100% 3D printed gun


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