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A Gifting Analogy

My mother sent me a VHS tape as a You’re Tough! gift (yay ankylosing spondylitis! #spoonies in the house!).

It’s seemingly a post-Robin Hood TV mini-series about the Merry Men and rescuing Marion from dishonor, or bad woad makeup…. or something.

20130707-181120.jpg It stars Jason Connery (“son of the famous Sean Connery!”) and Ray Winstone, who is a right bad-ass actor and ex-boxer (yay for career character actors!) and who could probably pound me into the ground even after 11 pints.

20130707-181135.jpg What my mother has forgotten is that we haven’t owned a VCR since I decided, as Microsoft’s DVD evangelist, to back the format and go 100% digital in 1998. It’s been 15 years. So I have to decide if its worth torrenting.

In the meantime, I got to use a really lovely pun for this blog title, and that’s a gift I can share with everyone.


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