The Darknet and the Future of Everything

I was invited by Alan Silberberg to keynote at GOV2.0LA on April 20th 2013. This is a really cool one-day event packed full of amazing speakers (thank god I got to go first). When individual talks are posted I will post the links here.

Alan gave me free reign to talk about whatever I wanted to (what on earth was he thinking?) so I took the opportunity to talk about the Darknet and, well, Everything.

Here’s my talk. I hope you enjoy watching it as much I enjoyed giving it.

The original Darknet paper is here: The Darknet and the Future of Content Distribution

A neat 10 year anniversary retrospective of us publishing that paper is here.

The Michael Pollan article I reference in my talk, and that inspired me back in 1997 to examine nature as intrinsically dual-use, is here.



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