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Train Up Day 2

Monday I felt like U coyldnt have leaned against the broad side of a barn successfully. Tuesday I went back to the drawing board and pulled out the zero stop on my scope and re-zeroed – I was .2 mils high before but I thought I could work around that. The result was a fine zero – this is my last “just how clean a zero is it” shot:


After that we shot new steel in new spots. One of the instructors (named Greg) sat down with me and helped me call wind. Boy howdy was he good. REALLY good. By the time we were done I felt like maybe I might be able to hit some stuff and I had a much more solid take on my dope.

We did a pistol drill in the afternoon. The XDm .45 I brought seems to be shooting a wee low but that’s okay. Was mostly stuff I know and there was too much standing around but I needed the trigger time on the pistol and the instructor was good.

Today was a down day. I fabbed up an aluminium spacer to increase my LOP, drive to Caspar, went to the briefing and found out I’m in group 1 and I’m shooter 16. I got the last minute deliveries from Amazon (hooray for prime!) and the ammo I shipped.

Competition starts tomorrow.


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