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Make It Sweet

William Whelen Biddle died early this morning, sleeping peacefully with Barbara at his side. He’s being cremated and there will be a memorial service in July (details TBD – stay tuned).

In the past few days Pops condition changed quickly – he went from being engaged and dynamic to more restful. The Kline Galland hospice staff refer to this as “transitioning” and in hindsight I think that’s exactly what it was. He was alert to the end but he had stopped really talking. He was transitioning.

At about 6pm yesterday I read Pops the New York Times and told him stories about work and the weekend we spent at Creekstone. He went to sleep at about 730 and never woke up again.

A wise and funny family member said “he woke up dead”, a saying I now love. I’m happy he’s no longer in pain nor discomfort, but I already miss him.

Life is short. It’s up to us to make it sweet. Hug your kids. Call your parents. Txt yer peeps. Love your friends.

Make it sweet.



5 thoughts on “Make It Sweet

  1. ed says:

    Brother Peter, What a nice posting. Dad always loved summits, even if they were shrouded in fog and mist. He was funny like that. But we need to do something different about Dad”s web “presence”! the first thing that pops up under William Whelen Biddle is Ridgely and my NY Times wedding announcement.

    • Yeah he’s kinda missing, isn’t he? I’m thinking about setting up a Facebook page for him for people to leave pictures and memories and look at other peoples as well.

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