Another Day Shooting

Took Friday late afternoon off to head up North and get some trigger time with a great Snipers Hide guy named Bigwheels, aka Jeff. He’s got a bunch of secret shooting spots staked out that go all the way out to 1950 yards (!).

I got out of town late and almost immediately ran into shitty Friday “gtfo of Seattle for the w’end” traffic. I was so late getting onto the logging roads that lead into the spots that we only got to stop and BS on the road as we passed. He said they left some clay pigeons out on the 1250 yard range and said i could shoot those if I didn’t want to hump steel and also that the mirage was really bad.

I got up there and set up the spotting scope at the 1250 yard spot. Through it the pigeons were shimmering bits of orange that didn’t even seem to be in one place at any one time. Yep, the
mirage was bad allright. No way I was going to only shoot those.

So back in the car and up to set up my steel. I humped it down to the spot with my folding hand truck (which is probably going back to CostCo) and set up.


Back at the spotting scope aaaaaaaand WTF? I can’t find my targets. I can see the fluttery shimmery orange things, but no targets. None.

Okay, so. WTF? How can I have lost my targets? Maybe SOMEONE STOLE THEM!?!

Okay, that seems unlikely. Back up to the road with the spotting scope and aha! There they are.

It seems there are two places I can set targets. I set mine in the wrong place for the 1250 range. I can’t get a laser range finder read at all on how far they are from where I am and the mirage is so wicked that I’m not remotely confident I can reticle range them.

So everything back in the car, drive up a ways and eventually I find a spot that reads 794 yards.

I set up there and look up my settings on Ballistic FTE on my iPhone and also on the mil 168gr tables I have in my data book and settle on 8 mils up and guess on .2 mils for wind.


My first mag is a bit all over but once I get the wind right things settle in pretty nicely. It’s shifting almost full reversals though, so I can get 3-4 shots on and then I have to adjust again.

I’m still at a place where I’m kinda surprised every time I get on target at any distance so when I centered the 6 inch circle on my 3rd try I was pretty happy. Of course it was then knocked so badly off center I had only the edge to shoot it, which is all my fault for going such a hack job at hanging it.

All in all a good day though.



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