A Nice Day In The Woods

Jed and I went up into the mountains to do a little shooting on Sunday. It was a great day.

We started out shooting pistols at steel. Interesting ballistics note: we didn’t feel or hear any ricochet back down toward us with the 9mm but we got little stinging bits of bullet back at us with the .22. Always wear eye protection!

I’m working up to the Sniper’s Hide Cup in June and I’ve been building a .308 Savage for that. A big piece of motivation for Sunday (if we need more motivation than to just go out in the woods and shoot stuff) was to settle on the rifle and ammo I’ve been working on for the comp. I hadda make sure the gun wouldn’t blow up when I shot it (it didn’t), find out if the Georgia Arms .308 match ammo I use for my DPMS rifles is sub-MOA in this gun and zero it for that ammo.

The ammo shot plenty nicely which means I can now spend my limited practice time actually shooting between now and the competition instead of trying to find The Perfect Load. Why a .308? I hear you ask.  Why not that .260 you built a couple years ago? Or something with more oopmh and better BC bullets, like a 7mm WSM or 300 SAUM?

Because I don’t have a .308 bolt gun, that’s why. Okay, the truth is that I do own another bolt .308, but it’s not here with me in the US. It’s kinda sorta in exile, but that’s another story. Below is a pic of this new rifle – I might give it a duracoat camo  job. Depends on how motivated I feel.


Build notes:

  • Savage Short Target Action
  • JP Enterprises Stock
  • Rifle Ballistix trigger (which is incredibly nice)
  • Ed Shaw Barrel
  • JP Muzzle Brake
  • Atlas Bipod
  • AccuShot Monopod
  • Alpha Mfr Magazines (which need a wee bit of hackery to make work well)
  • Vortex Razor HD

Jed has shot .22 lr rifles and .223 at relatively near targets, but he’s never shot a .308 and he’s never shot prone, which is surprising because he’s a little bit sniper obsessed in video games (it runs in the family). You can see video of him calling shots on a steel plate at 100 yards here.

We spent a good chunk of time scouting for places to shoot with much longer distances than 100 yards. I think the area has great promise (safe, legal, less than 2 hours from home) but we were thwarted from actually setting up anything long-range by late-melting snow, which made the main logging road impassible. While we were scouting we found some gorgeous camp-sites and in one of those I found a new reactive explosive target laying on the ground. Somebody dropped something.

So not only was it a first for the above for Jed, it was his first chance to shoot a reactive target. I think it’s fair to say he enjoyed the experience.

As a bonus to the end of the day we found one tick each on us, one in the car (on Jed) and one on my chest in bed hours later (came in on my sweatshirt, which I had taken off in the car). No bites though. Must bring anti-bug next time…


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