“friends” don’t let friends miss out on drunk kitchen shows about pancakes

How did I live this long without watching my drunk kitchen?

Really, I feel like you all must be holding out on me. “Ha ha ha, check this out, it is SO FUCKING FUNNY!!! But SERIOUSLY! DON’T TELL @obs3sd! EVER!”

Is there a secret Facebook API that helps all of you keep this stuff away from me? I had to hear about this from someone I don’t even know via my cousin Scottie (thanks Scottie!).

Fairly certain this is evidence that blood is thicker than water and booze beats food in rock/paper/scissors. Or something.

This video reminds me of the time that Martha Ellen and I were (ostensibly) cooking something at the Big White House and got really stonkingly drunk on checking the evening’s wine for poisons and wound up sitting on the foor by the Aga singing something Very Important. Probably The Monkees.



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