HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes (www.hootsuite.com) sent me an EXTREMELY private and highly confidential email today.

I’m only sharing it here, via my special, PW-protected super military encrypted blog. I use crypto so hard core it makes the ghost of Marian Rejewski wake up from the dead and then die the fuck again. Yes my crypto shit is that good, so be happy you are reading this, PRACTICALLY NOBODY ELSE CAN!!!!!!

Anyway, what those GENIUSES at Hoot Suite are doing is FUCKING PIVOT GENIUS. This is an INCREDIBLE move on their part and they are going to blow everyone TOTALLY THE FUCK AWAY WITH THIS SHIT! Don’t tell ANYONE! NOBODY ELSE! Or Ryan totally won’t invite me to his next CRAZY-ASSED STARTUP PARTY!

I obviously couldn’t copy and paste this shit because of Ryan’s crypto, so here’s a screen cap I used with my TEMPEST-proof digital camera. I couldn’t use a normal camera because it’s that secret.

Yeah, his crypto broke my camera! That’s how serious this shit is.

They are pivoting. Pivoting like motherfuckers!

Here’s a screenshot capture of this Deep Pivot Action in ACTION:

Board, Investors and FriendsThings have been going really well at HootSuite for the last while, but after watching the massive growth of Zynga and the likes, I’ve been thinking a lot about if we are in the right business? Building on top of third party platforms can be challenging, and the team and I want a change. I know that this will come as a surprise, but as of today we’re pivoting business models with the launch of Happy Owls (screenshot and link to private beta below). This game is really addictive and I think we stand a great shot of making an even bigger splash in a really fun market. As always I appreciate your support, and please keep confidential until our public announcement on Monday. Ryan Ryan Holmes, CEO HootSuite – Social Media Dashboard


2 thoughts on “PIVOT!

    • peternbiddle says:


      First of all, they aren’t “Angry”. Angry is last year! They are MOTHERFUCKING HAPPY!!!! So that’s PIVOT NUMBER ONE!

      But did Ryan settle for ONLY ONE PIVOT? NO! HE FUCKING PIVOTS AGAIN RIGHT THERE IN THE NAME! Because they aren’t just birds, they are motherfucking OWLS! BAM! PIVOT #2 in the house!

      Two words – two pivots! That’s TWICE AS MANY PIVOTS AS COLOR HAS!

      Srsly, they are geniuses. Stumble this shit!

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