FiRe, Day 2

I just found myself talking, quite seriously, about how much suff, as in raw tonnage, would be required to keep one person functioning on Mars. Then we talked about food, recycling, energy, raw ingredients, etc. All for Mars.

Yes, the planet.

This was with a guy who believes that he can lower the cost of moving to Mars to be that of "the median cost of a house in CA" within the next decade or so. He was cogent, reasonable, and quite sane.


My fav part was when people would ask him a question like "what about anti-gravity?".  His way of shutting this down is to say "That would be awesome" and then just move on. I loved that. It’s really quite elegant.

Now I need to find him at the evening event and ask him who does his threat modelling. Nobody here gets security.

Okay, mostly nobody.




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