Guns, guns, guns.

Boomershoot, Day 2 (Clinic)

Day two was marked by some incredible highs, and some terrible lows.  
We started the day off doing quite well, re-zeroing and doing some great shooting on the little poppers on the 380 line, and then moving up the hill to 700 where I got three shots in a row on the IPSC center "flag" window. (This target is a torso sized metal plate with a center square that flips up a little flag when you hit it.) Caesar had a good morning as well.
Eric (one of the teachers) gave us a really great talk on how to set up with a sling. That was an incredible talk. It was amazing watching him – he has a process for everything and he always follows it. He’d show us how to set up a given position, and you could see him running the same protocol, all the way up to mentally taking the shot, watching the non-existent bullet hit the target, and then closing his eyes and lowering his head to close out the shot. It was amazing to watch.
Then came the afternoon, nasty winds, and we just fell apart. Couldn’t hit a thing. And somebody poached one of my boomers!
All in all, learned a lot, but followed my classic curve of getting worse the more I learned.

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