My wife and I play boggle. We used to play until I was about ready to stab myself in my own eye with my pencil; now we play only 5 game "matches" whereupon I run and hide somewhere dark and soothe my ego.
Heather kicks my ass so routinely and so thoroughly that I’ve actually invented an entire vocabulary for the ass-kickings.
1-49% = A win
50-199% = Decisive Victory
200-299% = Slaughter
300-399% = Holocaust
400% and up = Annhilation
I do win the occasional game, but I’ve never won a match. That is, until TONIGHT! Woo hoo! I also had a shut out, which I’ve never pulled off, either.
Game 1 – tie
Game 2 – Heather (decisive victory)
Game 3 – Peter (shut out!)
Game 4 – Peter
Game 5 – Peter

One thought on “BOGGLE (I WON! I WON! I WON!)

  1. Melissa says:

    So legoland is really geared for 5-10 year olds… I think he\’d still like it… there were some rides that Chance was too little for…. Definetly doesn\’t have the big rollercoasters like a six flags… If you get a chance stay at the Del… or anywhere on Coronado for that matter. Seaworld was fun….. esp if you are an animal lover. We like the zoo, but be prepared to walk… They have a great water park in the area as well… San Diego is great, you never run out of fun times! Let me know how it goes… and have a wonderful time 🙂 Melissa

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