Horrifying, part 2

This is a response to Nicole Brodeur’s recent posting on guns.
—– Original Message —–

From: Peter N. Biddle
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2006
Subject: How would you have me protect myself from Kyle Huff?
I have a teenage son. We’ve had parties and dances at our house – at one we invited his entire class of 75 kids over with 15 adults chaperoning. It was PACKED – a total zoo.
If Kyle Huff had shown up at that party, kicked in the door, and started swinging wildly with just a machete and a baseball bat, he could have left many dead and dozens injured. Under those circumstances, what would be the right thing for me to have to protect myself, my family, and those under my charge from horrific violence?
Would you like me to have, say, a broom? Or maybe a pair of scissors? Perhaps you would allow me a machete, and then I could try to get into a machete fight with him, with dozens of terrified children and adults running left and right around my living room?
When man "built like a linerbacker" decides to do horrible violence to people in my house, I would like to have the right tool to stop him. That’s not a spatula or a lawnmower – it’s the same rifle that our police officers use to protect themselves from the same machete-wielding bad guys.
Let’s pretend for a second that you take away all the guns – what will you tell my mother when she gets the call from police to tell her that a horrible man kicked in my front door and slaughtered me and my family, and I died dialing 911 and then trying to protect my 10 year old from Kyle Huff with only a chair and candelebra? Will you patiently explain to her that it’s better this way? That I died so that other people could have no guns? Would you tell her "Yes, I was the one who led the charge to take away Peter’s guns! Isn’t that great!"
Why aren’t you focusing on the bad man who did this horrible and horrifying thing? You are excusing the maker of the baseball bat, machete, the truck, and the people who hosted the rave.  Let’s focus on THE BAD MAN.
You ask "Why would someone want to buy an assault rifle?".
Why isn’t Kyle Huff the perfect explanation?

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