—– Original Message —–

From: Peter N. Biddle
Sent: Monday, March 27, 2006 4:57 PM
Subject: Baseball bats and machete
Hi Ken – First off, I think that the Cap Hill post-rave murders over the weekend are horrifying and I feel awful for everyone involved. I am the father of a teenage son who has been to raves and parties, and another son who will be heading into his teenage years. I can only imagine the pain in getting a call Saturday morning informing me that one of my sons has been murdered.
While I await more facts to make a more informed decision, at the moment I don’t blame raves, victims, bad parenting or guns for this horrible event.
I blame Kyle Huff.
You seem to blame the guns.
I don’t understand why the blame should lie with anyone other than Kyle.
I’m wondering if you have any idea how much damage Kyle Huff could have done to the people at that party with just his baseball bat and machete. If you talk to people who have faced those weapons in assaults, they will likely tell you that he could have killed and injured many people.
Pretend for a second that your kids (I don’t know if you have any, but bear with me) were having a party, and Kyle Huff showed up at your house armed with a baseball bat and a machete, kicked in the front door, and started hacking up people. Recall that he was built like a line-backer.
What tool would you most like to have to protect yourself, your family, and the rest of the children present? Would you rather have a gun to protect yourself, or something else? Like, say, a blender? Or a dinner fork?

This scenario would have sounded like a far-fetched lunatic fringe occasion last Friday morning. Using it as a reason to own a gun would be seen as proof that you are a gun nut. However now that is has happened in our back yard (I live on Capitol Hill, BTW), it is a great opportunity for us to consider the importance of being able to protect ourselves from bad guys.

I don’t think that guns killed those people, and I don’t think that they should be banned. I don’t think that raves should be banned – the rave didn’t kill those people, either.
Kyle Huff killed those people.
Do Bats kill people?
Do Machete kill people?
Do Machete and Bats Kill People?
Do Raves Kill People?

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