Guns, guns, guns.

Range report

In my continuing quest to not feel utterly foolish at Boomershoot, I went to SVRC late Sat afternoon for some more 200 yard shooting. (Hopefully I will soon be Cascaded and can reach out to 600 yards.)
Coldish (low 40’s maybe?)
Light wind (guessing 5-10 MPH?) from about 1:30.
No rain.
RRA 2-stage Match Trigger
Super Sniper 16X Scope
Leupold Medium QRW rings
Georgia Arms 168gr BTHP ammo
Dell Inspiron XPS Laptop bag (as my bench rest)
I shot 7 3-shot groups at separate 200 yard targets after about 30 minutes of dry fire practice. I then shot a bunch of (stationary) skeet at 200 yards to see how rapidly I could engage multiple stationary targets (and because they kind of explode… he he he).
Worst group was under 2 inches; outside measure of the best group was conservatively about .625 (see pics). So that works out to (drum roll please) .15 MOA. I got that after (slightly – maybe one click? – over) compensating for the wind.
  • Dry firing is fun.
  • Shooting live ammo is fun.
  • Long distance shooting is fun.
  • You should wait until you are done giggling about your last target before you start up again.
  • GA Ammo is remarkably good for the price.
  • I totally heart this rifle.

2 thoughts on “Range report

  1. Kelsey says:

    well hey..
    just thought to tell you Nebraska is covered in white snow and it has been snowing non stop for 24 hours
    well ttyl

  2. Kris says:

    Nice group Peter!!!! I am just joining the CMP "Civilian Marksmanship
    Program" the have NRA matches once a month for Assault Rifles open
    sights only. They shoot 10 shots 2 clips; 7 and 3, or 8 and 2. The
    distance I belive starts at 500 then 400, 300 ect. You have to shoot in
    prone, kneeling, and standing. I can\’t wait to try it. Going to borrow
    a M-16 to try it out.

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